DMR-Marc Private call

Private call is disabled on many networks. On those where it works, you can call a contact by selecting them and pressing the PTT.

It's generally not used in ham radio because some networks forbid it.

  • You may not make any private calls on any DMR-MARC networked slot.
You requested an ID from this above website when ? we would have all read this (many times) ?
Its in a different colour RED ... maybe should be flashing green. 



  1. Anonymous3/14/2017

    Forbid it! Why? I would think a radio to radio call would tie up more resources In a call across Canada on tg302 which brings up every repeater In the country vesus a contact call that only keys up the source and destination repeater. the excuse I hear is that it is private and no one else can hear it. This is no loger a valid reason as the new radios have permiscuous mode or a monitor mode that allows the user to hear all activity on the talk group. Just a crazy thought but maybe it's the network masters with antique motorola equipment that can't hear the traffic and this is what scares them. My answer to that is the system is evolving around you. Wake Up!

    1. Anonymous3/20/2017

      Yes it was "Just a crazy thought"

      we would have loved to respond to a none cower "Anonymous" name, so have also chosen the same response.

      Maybe a self-righteous view point?
      It sounds like we need to welcome you (someone new) into digital Amateur Radio and pleased that you would have taken the time to read "only" one (1) of the few requirements of this global system MARC when you choose to request an ID to join ? However thanks for joining over the other digitals.

      The reasoning behind the infrastructure and architecture did not involve "excuse I hear" your resources or persons you are getting your education from and or the claims.

      The features of a budget radio certainly did not and will not influence a global network MARC with many models of transceivers like the wonderful MD380 that exist and are operable with the network. Unique to DMR are the many transceivers, this is unlike every/many Amateur Radio digitals.

      please let us know when or if you ever own a repeater and wish to join the global network ?

    2. Anonymous3/20/2017

      It sounds like someone with an attitude - Anonymous3/14/2017, maybe just got a digital radio within a year and shocked with functionality.

      "Just a crazy thought" but "I just got me my first digital radio" like a beofeng

  2. Anonymous7/23/2017

    thanks for READing what we all agreed to :


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