DMR Database and Import Contacts

Can Someone tell me how to go to DMR Database and import contacts to my radio Or upload a file that I can Import.

DMR-MARC Network

Date: 12Aug2015 - Canada
DMR: Alberta (29), British Columbia (58), Manitoba (17), New Brunswick (24), Newfoundland (1), Nova Scotia (2), Ontario (349), Quebec (95)
Count: 575

1.) Pick contacts from the left side, any combination of Active from the top or the contacts DB from the bottom.
2.) Check your count at the top!, we can only use 1000 ish in a radio, give or take. You can open/view more if you are not planning to write them to your radio.
3.) If uploading your codeplug, do this now, *NOTE: If you upload a codeplug then make a change, you will need to select your codeplug again.

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Now that we have the vastly increased contacts space in our CS750s I have a question.  Is there any way to export the ENTIRE DMR-MARC user database into an excel file?  If anyone has any insight on an easy way to do this I would appreciate the help. 

Nothing easier than that!

 Import into Excel works pretty good !

As to your question, you can go to Index of /DMR/Contacts

Summary of files containing DMR IDs and Callsigns grouped by Country

The CS700 files are saved as .CSV for easy import using the G4EML Contact Manager The CS750 files are saved as .XLSX as required by the CPS software *The MD380 uses the same files as the CS700 This file is updated daily and can be downloaded from:

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