DMR Sunday Net Script

DMR Net Script – TG 302

**** Net Opening ****

Good evening and welcome to the DMR Net.
This is the Thursday, (Month)________ (Day)________ (Year)_______ edition.
My name is ________ and my call is __________. I will be your host and net control for this evening.

This net is held here on Time Slot – 1 / Talk Group – 302 / Canada "CDN" Sunday's at 9pm local time (EST, EDT).

The purpose of this net is to foster community between ham operators using the DMR mode, exchange ideas and information that relate to this mode, gain knowledge about the DMR mode, and enjoy our ham radio hobby.

Check-ins will be taken first from stations operating through one of the 45 repeaters in Canada, next from other stations in Canada, and then from other stations in the North America. Check-ins will be divided into four groups by call suffixes (ve1, ve2, ve3 etc). During check-in let me know if you have any traffic or announcements for the net and we will get to those after roll call.

**** See check-in sheet, list check-ins, note anyone wishing to list traffic or give announcements, after check-ins go to traffic and announcements. ****

**** Net Close ****

Thank you to all who check-in, all repeater owners and maintainers.

If you would like to be a net control please contact VE3WZW - Andre = email

Thank you and good evening (or whatever works for you.)

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